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Telltale Signs Your Car Has Reached The End Of Its Life

Posted on August 13, 2018 at 2:37 AM

Like everything in life, your car too has a life cycle and is bound to die sooner or later. While it may have served you very well, and regular maintenance and good care may even have extended its life, at some point in time it will start costing you more than it’s worth.

When you detect any of the following signs in your car, it might be time to let go and allow your car to go down the natural path of life and death:

Parts Become Unavailable
A conundrum faced by a number of owners of vintage or used cars, finding appropriate parts for your car can become nearly impossible if your car is old enough. In the rare case you do find parts, their prices could reach the roof—and could even be higher than the total cost of the car itself! In such a case, it is best to send your old, trusty car to ab Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF) and get a newer car instead.

The Engine Seizes
Your car’s heart lies in its engine. Much like a human heart, in case of a heart (or engine) failure, restorative treatment may extend its life for a bit. However, in such a case, your engine is likely to never be the same again, and unless you’re willing to fork out thousands of dollars on a new engine, it might be best to let your car go.

Repairs become expensive
If your car is constantly breaking down, and seems to spend more time at the mechanic than on the road, it might be time to get a newer car. The money you spend on the number of repairs the car needs to be subjected to could easily buy you a new car if you add it up!

Body Damage
In case of a severe car crash, where you survive but your car has been totaled in the process of saving you, honor its sacrifice and let it continue on its path to everlasting peace.

Using up too much fuel
If the amount you’re spending on fuel monthly could help feed a small family for three months, you might want to start accepting the fact that it doesn’t likely have very long to live. It might make it easier to let go when the time finally arrives.

Send your old car to a registered recycler
Once your car has finally choked out its last breaths, call us at 561-221-2277 and we’ll make sure to give the cremation it deserves. Licensed, registered and insured, Insta Cash 4 Car is the leading junk car buyer in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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