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Everything You Need to Know about Recycling Your Old Car

Posted on August 11, 2018 at 6:59 AM
Many a times, when a vehicle reaches the absolute end of its life, either due to crash damage or engine failure, no amount of repair and maintenance jobs are able to give it new life. In such cases, most people prefer to ship their old cars off to a licensed car recycler, also known as an Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF).

If you too have a car just waiting to be recycled, and would like to know the recycling process your precious car is going to go through—you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s the entire car recycling process broken down for you:

Choosing a trusty ATF
The first step in the process, choosing an ATF should come with an inquiry into licensing, insurance and reliability. Ask your local mechanic to recommend the best ATF in the area and conduct your own research by searching for reviews on the internet.

Preparing your car
Before letting the recycling company tow your car away, take out all your belongings from the car, empty it of gas, cancel your insurance on it and remove all license plates.

Once your car is safely at the ATF, it will firstly undergo the depollution process. In this process, all hazardous material, including car batteries, oil, coolants and fuel, is safely removed from the car according to the guidelines set by the Environmental Agency.

These parts are then dismantled or sold to specialists to be recycled, or may even be sold as separate used parts.
During the dismantling process, the metals found in catalytic converters such as palladium, rhodium and platinum are removed from the car and are later recycled into creating electronics, jewelry and more catalytic converters.
The car tires, if reusable, will be sold as parts for another vehicle. In case they are unusable, they will be melted down to create roadbeds or playground mulch.

All the glass from your car’s windows, windshields and side view and front view mirrors will be removed prior to destruction, and will then be recycled to create ornaments, tiles, sand or more windows.

The last step of the process, the car is finally destroyed through crushing after which it is sent to a metal mill. Here, professionals separate steel from plastic through strong magnets, whereas the tin coating is dissolved in a hot caustic soda solution. The steel is then melted in large furnaces to be reused.

Recycle your old car today
If you have an old car that needs recycling, Insta Cash 4 Car, junk car buyer in Palm Beach, Florida will gladly take it off your hands. Simply call us at 561-221-2277 and we’ll make sure all your junk car needs are met instantly!

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